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Ranking in first place, Canada has been recognized as the best overall country to live in based on the 2021 Best Country Report.

Taking pride in its multiculturalism, Canada is known for being a beautiful mosaic composed of peoples from all across the globe. From well funded public educational institutions, to it’s free medical health care, and vast array of social support institutions, Canada provides its residents with one of the best qualities of life anyone can experience around the globe.


Graduate with degrees and diplomas from one of the world’s most recognized institutions. The Canadian student experience is hardly matched around the world. With great emphasis on hands-on work, to numerous work-study programs, Canadian universities and colleges offer some of the most holistic education a student can hope for.

Furthermore, studying in Canada gives you the chance to pursue a career in Canada after completing your studies, and paves the way for a permanent and prosperous life in Canada.

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Known for its marvelous natural sights, Canada is one of the most desired tourism destinations for those who appreciate nature and sightseeing.

Being the second largest country in the world, Canada is home to an astounding variety of natural scenery. From the beautiful fisheries and ocean views in the eastern provinces, to the rocky mountains in the western provinces, Canada has a vast range of natural scenery that would take a lifetime to explore.

Furthermore, each of the seasons drastically changes scenery, creating different magical atmospheres regardless of the time of year.


Canada depends on immigrants for its economy to thrive. Canada has an aging population, meaning that its adult workforce is steadily declining. Thus, we have a need for skilled workers to take their place, and an increasing number of immigrants are welcomed each year.

Canada is constantly seeking individuals with varied professional backgrounds and experience to employ as part of Canada's growing workforce.

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